Creative Kindness

Creative Kindness

Sad but Kind Message to a Dear Friend

Rest in peace, Sarah. We miss you!

Origami Animals and Kind Notes

New students receive origami welcome gifts and a kind note! :)

T-Shirts for our Community Workers

We really appreciate how hard our community cleaners work to keep our surroundings clean. A small gift of t-shirts to show our appreciation from one of Kindness Anonymous's outreach members! 

Email response!


Thank you Ms Debbie! We'll get in touch with you soon! But we'd still like to preserve our anonymity! :)

Twitter response!

Thanks for your tweet, Ali! You're welcome :)

Facebook response!

Thanks for your facebook message, Edward. You're welcome :)

Cupcakes in pretty boxes!


Nothing is too nice for our teachers! The cupcakes went in pretty gift-wrapped boxes! :)


Cupcakes for teachers!

Baking is a form of art and maybe considered a way of being creative too! We made some rainbow cupcakes for our hardworking teachers! Thank you for all your support and guidance! We appreciate your hard work! 


Welcome New Students

Today we wrote welcome notes to our new students who've joined Winchester. It's a pleasure to see so many new and friendly faces. We hope they have a grand time at our school! :)

Free Origami

In an effort to use our creativity to promote kindness and happiness we left origami animals for students around the school. We also left our card and origami gifts for some of the admin. staff who work so hard to ensure the school runs smoothly.


Promoting Positive Body Image


Some of the Kindness Anonymous students posted messages on washroom mirrors around the school promoting positive body image. The notes said things like:

  • You're at your prettiest when you are happy :)
  • You don't need to paint yourself to prove you're beautiful :)
  • This mirror shows only 50% of you. The rest is within you :)
  • Thank you for being. You matter to us! :)
  • Be yourself :)

Taxi Surprise!


Taxi drivers in Dubai are probably the hardest workers in the city. Theirs is a long and often thankless job. To brighten their day, Kindness Anonymous handed out pretty cards and origami animals to taxi drivers in Dubai as a gesture of thanks for their hard work :)

Free Original Art!


Kindness Anonymous artists left wonderful original pieces of art around the city with the message: "If you like it - take it!" Free art for whoever appreciates. The artistic endeavour is not just about making money - it's about making others happy :)

Flowers Galore!

Few things bring a smile to a person's face as receiving unexpected flowers. Kindness Anonymous delivered numerous flowers to random people in the various malls of the city of Dubai. The smile of surprise on people's faces was thanks enough :)


Kindness Anonymous Gets a Mention in the Papers

Kindess Anonymous was mentioned in a Gulf News article. Click here to read.


Delivery of Cards


After many hours of designing and analytical discussions and rejecting numerous fonts and colours, we've finally taken delivery of our cards for Kindness Anonymous. Hurrah! 

Small notes of appreciation

There are so many people who work so hard at school. We thought we'd start by thanking Miss Winny, our all-purpose go-to person. She works so hard. And thank you to Miss Evelyn our wonderful receptionist who answers millions of phone calls! Obviously, we won't be posting the name of every single person we give a note to - but since it's our first, we thought we'd post it.

Origami Animals

Well, we've got most of our origami animals ready to give out as surprise gifts. The pic above is just a small selection. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper to make various objects. We think it's nice to give someone something we've made with our own hands. It's a way to invest time in someone else. 


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